Our Notebook

The Handkerchief Planter

One of our handkerchief planters brimming with beautiful coral and shells. Our topic for today is the beautiful mid-century handkerchief planter in the style attributed to Willy Guhl. Willy Guhl (1915-2004) was born in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland. Guhl was trained as a carpenter, but went to the School of Applied Arts in Zurich.

The Swedish Mora Clock

There is no doubt about it - the Swedish Mora clock is a charmer! Its curvy shape and soft patina, a nod to the female form, adds a softness to any space. The charming Swedish long case clocks so popular today originated from the town of Mora in Dalama province, Sweden. Following years of drought and poor farming, the local farmers were forced to supplement their income in a new way.

Welcome to Maison & Co.!

Welcome to Maison & Co.! We are Kendall Drake and Bernadette Truxal, two friends and neighbors who share a passion for design and French antiques. For years we have been exploring France, its villages, brocantes, and antique fairs--reluctant husbands and children in tow. We have shipped "beaucoup" armoires, buffets and art work home. While our homes are bursting with beautiful French antiques, our desire to search for more hasn't waned. What to do?