Mid-Century Modern Handkerchief Planters by Willy Guhl


Mid-Century handkerchief or elephant ear planters by Willy Guhl.  Price per planter. 

Willy Guhl (1915-2004) was born in Stein Am Rhein, Switzerland. Guhl was trained as a carpenter, but went to the School of Applied Arts in Zurich. Guhl became a leader in the Industrial Design movement and is well-known for his design of modern chairs, specifically the loop rocking chair, hour-glass or spindle planters, as well as the charming handkerchief planter originally designed in 1952. His creations are beautiful due to their inherent simplicity.

We at Maison & Co. are mad for the handkerchief planter! They are obviously beautiful as a planter in the traditional sense. It is lovely indoors or out. It would make a wonderful bowl or planter for a grouping of orchids atop a coffee table or dining table. Outdoors, it would make a beautiful water feature in the garden or simply a planter for a grouping of succulents.

7.94" H x 20" W x 20" D

Mid-Century Modern Handkerchief Planters by Willy Guhl

1 400.00
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