Welcome to Maison & Co.!

Welcome to Maison & Co.! We are Kendall Drake and Bernadette Truxal, two friends and neighbors who share a passion for design and French antiques. For years we have been exploring France, its villages, brocantes, and antique fairs--reluctant husbands and children in tow. We have shipped "beaucoup" armoires, buffets and art work home. While our homes are bursting with beautiful French antiques, our desire to search for more hasn't waned. What to do? We have each privately dreamed of starting an antiques business, but it was not until a recent trip to France that we decided to just go for it. We invite you to share this journey with us as we launch our business, Maison & Co. Follow us as we share our latest treasure, educate you on the nuances of French design, or just vent about what it's like to be new business owners. Whatever the topic, we are sure to have a good time! For better or worse, we are Maison & Co.

Fresh. Beautiful. Timeless.