The Swedish Mora Clock

There is no doubt about it - the Swedish Mora clock is a charmer!  Its curvy shape and soft patina, a nod to the female form, adds a softness to any space.

The charming Swedish long case clocks so popular today originated from the town of Mora in Dalama province, Sweden.  Following years of drought and poor farming, the local farmers were forced to supplement their income in a new way.  The cottage craft of clock making was developed to answer this need.  The local farmers crafted the clockworks while the lovely tall cases were commissioned separately.  This explains the great variety in design.  In Lars Bolander's book, Scandinavian Design, he explains that, "the cases built in the north of Sweden were rather strict and lean, while those created elsewhere tended to have the full-bodied form heavily favored in the Rococo period."

Traditionally given as wedding gifts, a Mora clock is especially appropriate in the master bedroom.  These pieces look great in an entry or nestled against a staircase. 

For someone interested in adding a lighter feel to a room, a Swedish Mora clock is an obvious choice. Its tall slim proportions are so easy to work with.

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