Swedish Herbaria

An herbarium is a collection of plant specimens dried and mounted on acid free paper and labeled for use in scientific study.  The term also refers to the building in which the collection is housed.  The plural for herbarium is herbaria.  You might have heard the term herbier used which is simply the French word for herbarium.

As this concludes our vocabulary lesson, we will move on to reflect on the simple beauty that a framed herbarium brings to a space.  Every home needs a little life, a little green, and when preserved properly, an herbarium hints at a life that once was.  The French and Swedes were particularly interested in botany and have provided us with beautiful collections of herbaria.

Our favorite application for the herbarium is grouping several en masse in a grid pattern.  Design blogger and interior designer, Terry Carlson, from swedishdekor.com, is equally enamored with the herbarium.  She writes, "there is something very special about vintage Swedish herbariums-they are irresistible!  Of course they have been used for decades, but by only a few who understood what they are."

The herbarium's inherently restful quality does lend itself to a bedroom.  

Kendall, of Maison & Co., displays a fabulous collection of herbariums in her guest bedroom as seen in the morning....



.......and in the evening.  So inviting!


More vintage herbaria in Kendall's powder bathroom.


Kendall's mother, Kristin Price, displays her beautiful collection of vintage herbaria.  Tiffany Farha Design.


At Maison & Co., we value the beauty of the vintage herbarium.  Our collection is matted in fresh ivory and framed in gold with a lovely beaded detail.  Please contact us if you would like more information at www.maisonandco.com.

We are Maison & Co.  Fresh.  Beautiful.  Timeless.


Maison & Co.'s beautiful collection of vintage herbaria