Mercury Glass Bottles

Perhaps the most exciting purchase we made in Provence this summer is this exceptional collection of mercury glass apothecary bottles.  Authentic antique mercury glass is becoming harder and harder to find, and we have never before seen such an amassing of mercury glass apothecary bottles!

Mercury glass, sometimes referred to as silvered glass or poor man's silver, is not actually made of mercury at all.  It is glass which is blown double-walled and then filled with a silver nitrate solution.  The result is a beautifully delicate piece of architectural jewelry.


Maison & Co.'s collection of 19th c. French mercury glass apothecary bottles.


Close-up of Maison & Co.'s collection of mercury glass apothecary bottles.



If you are interested in starting a collection of mercury glass, please don't hesitate to contact us - Maison & Co.  We will be thrilled to hear from you! 

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