The Handkerchief Planter

One of our handkerchief planters brimming with beautiful coral and shells.

Our topic for today is the beautiful mid-century handkerchief planter in the style attributed to Willy Guhl.  Willy Guhl (1915-2004) was born in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland.  Guhl was trained as a carpenter, but went to the School of Applied Arts in Zurich.  Guhl became a leader in the industrial design movement and is well-known for his design of modern chairs, specifically the loop rocking chair, hour-glass or spindle planters, as well as the elegant handkerchief planter originally designed in 1952.  Guhl's quote, "achieve the most with the minimum effort" says it all.  His creations are beautiful due to their inherent simplicity.

We at Maison & Co. are mad for the handkerchief planter!  They are obviously beautiful as a planter in the traditional sense.  It is lovely indoors or out.  But let's get creative.  How about incorporating a handkerchief planter into a water feature in the garden, or even use it as a sink basin in a powder bathroom?

At Maison & Co., we are proud to offer this exceptionally large handkerchief planter.  This planter shined at Christmas filled with lovely citrus fruit, evergreens, and a beautiful paper white plant.  Others available.  Pleas inquire.  We are Maison & Co.  Fresh.  Beautiful.  Timeless.



Maison & Co. Handkerchief Planter